Tamara Bay

Tamara came to us in January 2012. We found that she had a few problems which, in a small yard can be given time to correct. Tamara did not want to work at home and required some individual attention to get her back into work. A lot of time was spent changing her attitude towards work and alleviating some physical problems. The video clip very briefly shows the change in her attitude towards work just to give you an idea of how she progressed over the winter and spring of 2012. At the beginning of the video you can see how Tamara was reluctant to move forward and transition from walk to trot and trot to canter. Then following her rehabilitation period she progressed to working normally on the gallop. We got her racing fit and among other places she came second at Thirsk on the 3rd August 2012. Have a look at the video clip and see how she progressed through her rehabilitation over the winter and spring of 2012 to eventually race at Pontefract in June 2012. We felt a real sense of achievement in just getting her to race and come a close second at Thirsk, but missing out on winning with her has been hard to take.  

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