Training and Facilities

BoxesRacehorse training is our passion. Everything we do is designed to cover all aspects of the horses’ training to give them the best chance of success on the track.  This includes our facilities but also our approach to physical health where we employ techniques such as chiropractic, physical therapy and dental checks to maintain optimal physical performance (see The Osteopath page).    

We use the equinITy Intelligent Training System as part of our racehorses‘ training to monitor physical performance and well-being. “equinITy is a leading-edge, web-based horse welfare, training and yard management tool.  It was developed “in the yard” in response to racehorse trainers’ desire to assess and monitor their horses’ welfare and fitness using an intuitive, non-invasive and cost-effective system. The system uses continuous heart rate monitoring to provide an early indicator of potential health deterioration, and also determine heart rate recovery time, which is a vital indication of a horse’s fitness.  The trainer’s expert horsemanship is complemented by the powerful information generated by equinITy’s performance monitoring system”

Psychological well-being is also paramount to the horses’ development and ultimately their performance at the races.  The horses are trained with gentle and subtle techniques which allow them to gain an understanding of what is required of them without the use of aggression or force (see the Tamara Bay page).  This, along with rest time in one of our paddocks and respectful handling/husbandry ensures our horses are at ease during their training and as relaxed as possible during racing.


Nutrition is an important aspect to training racehorses but not just for the obvious reasons. Click the image to see the ‘Eating and the Affects on Skeletal Function’ Blog.

Nutrition and hydration are key factors in each stage of the racehorses’ training. We feed the racehorses the appropriate balance of nutrients depending on their stage of training and monitor water intake at all times. There are many other aspects to training racehorses (such as stabling, shoeing/foot care, bedding etc) however, this gives you a little insight into how we train our racehorses and hopefully shows you how we take a holistic approach to training racehorses.  

We have been adding to the facilities over the years and currently have 15 licensed boxes, a sand/fibre gallop, a horse walker, starting stalls, a floodlit manège, several large paddocks for grazing and rest, a wash down area and more. Have look at the gallery for more images of our facilities.

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