Racing Syndicates and Clubs with John Davies Racing

A syndicate or club with a group of friends or colleagues is an inexpensive way to get involved in racing. You have all the trappings of being an owner at a fraction of the cost. You can own 5% of a racehorse for just £100 per months or 10% for £200 per month!

We have a great opportunity to be part of a syndicate or club with Major Rowan, a 5 years old bay gelding who has won four races and continues to show promise. Click here (our website only) to see his race record and call John on the number below if you are interested in further details.  

Also, visit the Racehorse Owners’ Association website for further details on racehorse syndicates and clubs by following the link here (our website only) and read our Ownership page for further details of the ownership process.  

If you are interested in either being part of a racing syndicate or racing club please call on 01325 374366 or 07746 292782 for further details.

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