Preseason message from John!

Happy New Year everyone! We’re all looking forward to racing in 2017 and building on our success of 2016. We have some new racehorses and new owners for 2017 and can’t wait to give them a fabulous season of racing!

We give our owners the best possible racing experience we can by getting them involved with their racehorses. This includes regular yard visits and one to one discussions with me regarding training, race selection and jockey choice. You will also be able to socialise regularly with other visiting owners like Eric Gates (Sunderland AFC) and get together at your end of season dinner. This way you get the most enjoyment from your racehorse ownership.

In regards to racehorse training I have always taken a holistic approach which includes appropriate and progressive training, the correct nutrition and the use of chiropractic/physiotherapy for example. Above all the welfare and happiness of the horses is paramount. I believe that when a racehorse is happy, pain free and content at home they are far more likely to give you their all and perform on the track. We achieve this with our training methods, the relaxed environment on the yard, field time for the racehorses and kind treatment from the team working with them.

I am very proud of our achievements so far but it is only the beginning. My desire is to continuing building and developing the yard but ultimately winning races for owners and seeing them enjoy themselves is what matters most to me. I am very much looking forward to competing and winning races and giving owners the best service we can over the coming years!


John Davies

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