John  Davies  Racehorse Trainer


Tamara Bay

Tamara came to us in January 2012. We found that she had a few problems which, in a small yard can be given time to correct. Tamara did not want to work at home and required some individual attention to…

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Doyen finishes 5th at Wetherby today

Doyen finished 5th today in the 3.35 Bramham Hall for Conferences & Events Handicap Hurdle at Wetherby in heavy ground.  Good effort Doyen!

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John Davies Racehorse Trainer

My name is John Davies. I am a racehorse trainer in the Northeast of England. Since being a boy I have ridden horses competitively and now my passion for racehorse training and competing continues with my small but growing yard…

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Eating and the affects on skeletal function

For the racehorse, nutrition isn’t just about the energy required to train and race. The correct balance of nutrients and types of food have far reaching consequences for both energy release and just as importantly, for physical well-being and functional…

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